Nouvelle Annee French Winter Garrsion 1757 (2017)

Please Join Us for the eighth annual Nouvelle Annee French Winter Garrsion event at Historic Old Fort Wayne. In Fort Wayne Indiana.

This year the event year is set to recreate the year 1757, the event will strive to recreate this time and the events and happenings of Post du Miamis in the winter of this New Year.

This event focuses on the day to day life of a french colonial settlement/garrison and their Native Allies.

Schedule of Events
Saturday – January 28th 2017
9:30am – All soldiers asked to stack arms in the storehouse
10:00am – Opening, Raising of the Colors, Issue of arms, Inspection of Garrison, Guard Mount
11:00am – First Patrol: Let’s Make a Trade, find the natives to strike a deal
11:45am – Military Trial: Frontier Justice
12:00am – Second Patrol: The Mail is Late, find the Fort’s dispatches
12:30 – Rations Issued to the Soldiers
12:30 – Officers Tea: First Person Hour
1:30pm – Issue of pay and post to the Garrison
3:00pm – Third Patrol: The natives are Restless, find the native chief
4:45pm – Lowering of Colors, end of Public Program.20150201_082920

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